Małgorzata Tracz - Candidacy for EGP Committee Member

Małgorzata Tracz - Candidacy for EGP Committee Member

Wrocław, March 28th, 2022

Dear Green Friends,

I hereby present my candidacy for the Executive Committee of the European Green Party.

For almost 7 years I have had the honour and pleasure to serve as a co-chair of the Polish Green Party (Zieloni). During that time I put all my efforts to develop Greens in Poland, support my Polish colleagues in their local activities and provide Greens with media visibility, financial independence and parliamentary representation. In January 2022 I decided not to run again for the position of co-chair of Zieloni, knowing that in those 7 years new leaders emerged who deserved their chance.

In that time the Greens in Poland started a long march to grow step by step, become a professional and recognisable organisation and establish excellent relations with the European Green Party and Greens from other European countries. In 2019, thanks to this huge collective effort, for the first time in our history three members of the Green Party were elected to the Polish parliament.

I am one of them. As a MP I am a vice-president of the Civic Coalition (Koalicja Obywatelska), the biggest opposition faction in the parliament. I work in the Agriculture Committee and the Foreign Affairs Committee, but I am also very active in the areas of human rights, just transition and rule of law.

I wholeheartedly appreciate the great support that we as Greens in Poland received from our Green family when I was a co-chair of Zieloni. Now, I would like to serve other member parties of EGP with my experience on partybuiding, campaigning in the elections and creating coalitions in which Greens can flourish and succeed.

Should I be elected as a member of the EGP Executive Committee, I would like to pursue the following three goals:

  • First of all, I will support Green parties and green-minded activists in Central and Eastern European and Balkan countries. We have a similar experience of flawed democracy, facing each day infringements of the rule of law, corruption of the authorities and lack of respect to human rights. We have a similar political situation, with the electoral law supporting big parties and barring smaller ones (like the Greens) from making a breakthrough. I strongly believe my experience from leading the Polish Green Party, which grows and increases its political impact day by day, will help the Greens in those countries play a more important role on the political scene. I will gladly visit your countries and make it happen.
  • Secondly, I will focus the attention of the EGP on issues which are of a prime importance to Europe at this moment: the war in Ukraine and the needs of refugees, but also women and LGBT+ rights violations, infringements of the rule of law, and projects damaging the environment. I experienced those issues particularly hard in my native Poland, whose government unfortunately is a EU chief troublemaker, but I know other countries share them too.
  • Thirdly, I will further develop EGP campaigns and initiatives. Polish Greens benefited a lot from Green Idea Labs and Green Recovery Tour. I would like to expand those programs to encourage more member parties to participate in and support them.

As CEE and Balkan countries face so many problems with human rights violations, infringements of the rule of law and corruption, we need strong representation of those countries in the EGP Committee . That is why I strongly support the candidacy of Michal Berg from Strana zelených (Czech Greens) for the Committee.

Finally I would like to add that we need to make the 2024 election to the European Parliament a positive turn for the Greens throughout Europe. I will give all my knowledge about electoral law and running election campaigns at the disposal of EGP member parties. I hope that in 2024 we will have even more MEPs, especially from Central and Eastern European and Balkan countries.

Best regards,
Małgorzata Tracz
The Polish Green Party (Zieloni)



2019–present Member of the Parliament
Sejm of the Republic of Poland
- Vice-president of the Civic Coalition (Koalicja Obywatelska), the biggest opposition faction in the Polish parliament. Member of the Agricultural Committee and the Foreign Affairs Committee

2015–2022 Co-chair of the Polish Green Party (Zieloni)
The Polish Green Party (Zieloni)
- Led the party through: 2015 national election (in the United Left coalition), 2018 local election (independently as Greens), 2019 European election (in the European Coalition), 2019 national election (in the Civic Coalition) winning for the first time seats for 3 Green MPs, and 2020 presidential election
- Secured twice state funding for the party
- Developed the party, supporting local leaders and structures
- Represented the party in the media and in contacts with other political leaders, MPs and MEPs

2014–2015 Member of the National Council of Zieloni; Co-chair of Zieloni in Wrocław
The Polish Green Party (Zieloni)
- Supported campaigns in the 2014 European election and the 2015 presidential election
- Led Greens in Wrocław in 2014 and 2018 municipal elections
- Developed local structures in Wrocław and Lower Silesia


2016–2019 Academic teacher in University of Wrocław

2010–2016 Training Coordinator, Trainer and Design Specialist

2009–2010 Promotion and Public Relations Specialist


2009 Polish Philology, MA; University of Wrocław

2009 International Relations, BA; University of Wrocław

English: Advanced | French: Intermediate


36, grew up in Bolesławiec, Poland, came to study to Wrocław and loved the city. Hobbies: literature & cooperative board games. Interests: feminist foreign policy & electoral law.